Request Citation Permission

For permission to quote from Timeless Texts in another publication, we request from the applicant:

  1. Title/author of your book or periodical.
  2. Provide preceding page before quote, quotation, page following quotation for contextual information.
  3. Title/author/publisher/price of your book containing quote.
  4. Number of copies in your print run.

Formal permission is not needed unless:

  • There are 300 words or more in the quotations used from one single book.
  • A significant portion of a book, booklet, or pamphlet is quoted (above 20%).
  • Artwork, photographs, forms, charts, tables, graphs or other representations are being reproduced.

Simple citations of a copyrighted title, a brief quote, or use in a church bulletin will need no formal permissions.

But for all quotations, even those that do not require formal written permission, add a credit line to your usage like the following:

"Reprinted from [title] by [author], copyright [date of copyright] Timeless Texts, Stanley, NC."

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